What to Expect in the Post-Pandemic Wedding World

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Photography by Braja Mandala on the Hornblower San Diego

It’s been a crazy season, and we’re ready for a fresh start. 

We’d like to welcome you to the new and improved Nahid Global Events Blog.  Here, we will offer advice, musings on current trends, and most importantly information and education that you can use to help you navigate the events industry.  

This beautiful Persian wedding took place at a Private Estate in Carmel, California. Flowers by White Lilac, Sofreh by Nahid Global Events.

So, now that we’re vaccinated and the world is beginning to reopen, the big question is this…

What can we expect in the events world in the aftermath of COVID-19?

Here, we break down what you can expect by category.


Safety is at the top of everyone’s minds, from the venues to the caterers to the guests and everyone in between.  

If you are a guest planning on attending an event in the near future, expect vaccination or a negative COVID test as a requirement for entry to the party.  

If you plan on hosting an event, expect the venue to require vaccinations and negative COVID tests, and help your guests and vendors plan ahead by informing them adequately of the requirements.  (Legal restrictions may prevent people without vaccines or negative tests from entering the premises in some cases.)

The Fairmont Grand Del Mar, California, Sofreh by Afsaneh, Photographer Tim Otto


Can I have a large event?  If so, how large?  Indoors or Outdoors?  

The answers to these questions will vary by venue, but state and county regulations also apply.  Right now, the size of the party depends on the space.  Mask regulations also still apply in certain spaces, especially on dance floors and indoors.  

Restrictions are changing rapidly, so make sure you stay informed by regularly checking the information on https://www.californiaeventscoalition.com/ .

Photographer Lin & Jersa, Cake by Fab Cakes at Lowes Coronado with Flowers by Splendid Sentiment and Platform by Reverly


There’s good news and bad news about vendors and post-COVID events.

The good news is that vendors are ready for you and excited to get back to work!

The bad news is that many event vendors have lost laborers due to the pandemic and unemployment circumstances.  

If you are planning an event, make sure that you vet the vendors you are going to use and ensure that they have adequate labor to handle your event on your requested day.  Also double check that all of your vendors are vaccinated and/or have negative COVID-19 test results.

Private Estate in Carmel, California, Flowers by White Lilac

We will be posting here twice monthly and on our social media accounts, so make sure you check back soon for the latest happenings in the events world.  

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