Post-Pandemic Wedding Trends

Lin and Jirsa at the Renaissance Palm Springs by Phithi Photography

Welcome Back!

When we discuss trends in the event world, we’re often talking about fashion, design and whether or not you should have an ice sculpture at the wedding.  (We’re slightly kidding about that one, but if you want one we will find it for you.)

The aftermath of the global pandemic has given the term, “Trend,” a whole new meaning in the events world.  The term now refers not just to the fun stuff, but also to party size, destination, virus testing and a whole other slew of topics.

Some trends we are seeing and predicting are…

Braja Mandala

Smaller Weddings

Many people are choosing to shrink their guest list considerably.  Don’t be offended or alarmed if you don’t get invited to a wedding that you might have in pre-pandemic circumstances.  And if you’re the host, don’t feel bad about condensing your original guest list.  It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Photographer Katie Beverly

Even More Outdoor Weddings 

Be prepared to spend a lot of time outdoors, since it’s the safest way to host an event post-pandemic.  Also, be prepared for those top-notch outdoor venues to book up quickly!  If you are hunting for a venue, hop on the search now and make sure you get the venue you want before it is booked up.

Photographer Tim Otto

“Domestic Destination” Weddings 

This is our term for weddings that don’t take place right at home, but don’t take place out of the country, either.  With travel restrictions changing all the time, many couples are opting for wedding venues that are in their home state to minimize travel, or venues that are close to their family to make it easier for them to join the celebration.  

Rapid Testing Companies Hired for Events

Yes, this is a thing!  Corporations who want to host a seminar, conference or event are hiring a mobile testing center to come to their events so that it is easy and efficient for guests to be tested.  Not only does it keep everyone safe, but it decreases the corporations’ liability.  Although this approach is cost prohibitive for most weddings and personal events, if you have the means to make it happen, it is a really wonderful added safety measure.

Count on meeting with your vendors on ZOOM for the foreseeable future!

Zoom Meetings with Vendors

Already have your vendors lined up?  Expect to still meet them via Zoom, even though dining has opened up.  It is the safest and most efficient option, and saves everyone involved a commute!  

Braja Mandala

Hybrid Weddings

We predict that Hybrid Weddings are here to stay.  Now that we are all familiar with Zoom, it seems excessive to ask grandma to travel 3000 miles to be at our wedding in person.  Having a digital video component to your event is easier than ever before, and it ensures that the people you love can safely and easily take part in the festivities.

Staying Informed

Staying informed on the latest news and changes in regulations not only keeps you safe – it saves you time and money in the long run.  Make sure you are regularly checking the news and sites like for the latest info.