Last Minute Weddings – Everything You Need To Know

The beautiful wedding of Maira and Rachit was photographed by Katie Beverly Photography, with flowers by Splendid Sentiments and design by Nahid Global Events.

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What’s hot in weddings right now?  The biggest trend we’re seeing is Last Minute Weddings!  So many couples were waiting to get hitched until after the COVID-19 pandemic was over.  There seem to be just as many couples who made it through the pandemic and let this first bump in the road reaffirm their love for one another, and are ready to tie the knot.

So, what can you expect if you’re getting hitched post-haste?  Here are some top tips to make sure your Last Minute Wedding is amazing…

Brian Leahy Photography, Shawna Yamamoto Flowers, Nahid Global Events Design


Standards are always a good thing, but leave expectations at the door.  Trying to pull off a wedding last minute means there will be limited options available to you.  If you can’t book your dream caterer or the flowers you wanted are unavailable because of the season, try not to sweat it.  Remember, you’re getting married right away because you want to celebrate your love, not because you are pursuing perfection.  Focus on the big picture and let the nature of the event make it even more spontaneous and fun.

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Jennifer Cole Floral, and Nahid Global Events Design


Last Minute Weddings cost more money.  Period.  You might be able to find discounts and deals for a wedding that’s being planned far out, or you might be able to negotiate with vendors.  Expect that those deals and negotiations will not happen when you plan a Last Minute Wedding.  Also, expect that rush fees and higher booking fees may apply in some instances.

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Here’s a little secret for you – most venues and vendors discount their services on weekdays.  So plan a weekday wedding!  This is one way to help offset the cost that you will incur by having a wedding at the spur of the moment.  If you can be flexible and creative with the dates you are willing to get married, you may be able to get some really good deals.


You DEFINITELY need a planner for a Last Minute Weddings.  The volume of the details and the brevity of the planning period make a wedding planner a necessity for your mental health!  Planners can also help you economize and save, since we have pre-existing relationships with vendors and venues that may help during the negotiation process.

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