How to Plan an Interfaith Wedding

How to plan an interfaith wedding

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We call ourselves “Nahid Global Events” instead of “Nahid Events” for a reason.  That reason is that we specialize in planning events that are culturally significant and come from all different parts of the Globe.  

Weddings aren’t just about the event.  They are about the connections made between the humans who are celebrating.  Weddings are about unity.

But different cultures have different customs, and usually very different religions and faiths, as well.  So what happens when two very traditional cultures and belief systems collide?  

Here’s how to make sure that your Interfaith Wedding is a fireworks celebration and not a train wreck!

Persian Wedding and Sofreh

HONOR TRADITION – First off, this day is for the two of you.  Regardless of what anyone else wants or says, you are the ones who are going to look back on this day as the most special day of your lives.  So pick the traditions from both of your cultures that are the most important to you.

That said, it is also helpful to consult leaders in both of your faiths during this decision-making process.  Sometimes, you can discover meaning behind certain traditions that you did not know existed, and therefor create a ceremony and other events that are even more meaningful to your families and to you as a couple.

include the officiant in your planning

INCLUDE THE OFFICIANTS IN THE PLANNING – There is no right or wrong way to plan an interfaith ceremony.  The Officiants do need to communicate, however.  Make sure you give everyone involved ample time to discuss, rehearse, and to get to know each other on a personal level before the big day.  The energy they create on the Big Day will be well-worth the time spent.

educate your guests on the traditions you will be honoring at your wedding

EDUCATE YOUR GUESTS – We can help with this one!  Start educating your guests ahead of time by sending out articles, linking to blogs like ours that describe the cultural events you will be hosting, and overall give everyone a sense of what to expect.  The more prepared people are, the more comfortable they will feel about fully participating in all of the festivities, even the ones that may be foreign to them.

HIRE A PLANNER – We hate to shamelessly plug ourselves here, but…

You need a planner for an interfaith wedding who understands both cultures and can help you seamlessly interface between them.  Insults can be caused unintentionally and bad blood can be created if certain important items are forgotten by either side.  Make sure you hire a planner who is savvy in the traditions of both faiths and cultures.  It’s the little bit of extra insurance you need to make your day come off swimmingly.

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