Persian Jewish Wedding Customs: After the Ceremony

Welcome to our third and final installment of the Persian Jewish Wedding Customs blog series! If you missed out on our past entries, then make your way over to Before the Wedding, and The Ceremony.

So after the initial vows are done, here are some options for you and your groom to embrace.

The “yichud” is a pretty cool tradition where the groom and bride are given 8 minutes of alone time together! Yichud in Hebrew means “togetherness” or “seclusion” and it is during this time that the couple spends some time enjoying being married. It’s almost like a “first look” where the bride and groom can take a breather away from the excitement and guests. After yichud, the couple enters the reception as Mr. and Mrs.!

The Hora! Probably one of the most recognized wedding traditions, the Hora is a chair dance where the bride and groom sit on chairs that are hoisted up by their guests. Friends and family dance around the couple in a joyous celebration. As seen in the picture above, you don’t always need to sit in a chair to do the Hora. The cardinal rule when it comes to planning your fusion Persian Jewish wedding: do what feels right for the both of you! Your wedding is a reflection of who you are, and the love you and your groom have cultivated!