A Casino-Themed Prom

A casino-themed prom is so unique and so much fun for the students! There is so much you can do with casino-theme colors and decor, the night will be incredible!   Using casino tables with black linen and silver chairs or silver chair covers is a great base for a casino-themed event.   You can also add fun things like silver beaded table runners, red and white flowers and LED candles throughout the room.  It is very important to have a good DJ for a prom, as the party ultimately revolves around dancing! A photobooth or photo backdrop are also great additions to a prom party.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for planning a casino-themed prom:

Of course, the grand entrance is a critical part of the party! You want the students to get excited when entering their prom.  Adding streamers or beads can be a great way to show off the theme before the party begins!


We love this gold photo backdrop if you are not using a rented photobooth.  Students have a larger area to take group photos with their friends, and the gold is always a fun color to add to any photo!


These black linens, silver chairs and red flowers make the perfect casino-theme table decor!  You can add dice, cards, signage, etc… for extra decor, making the theme come to life!


This playing card suite garland is also a great addition or backdrop.  You can hang it behind the soft drink bar, the candy or dessert table, or anywhere you would like!


Cookies never disappoint, and how perfect are these suited sugar cookies!


A dessert bar or candy bar is a critical addition to a prom, and we can guarantee it will not go to waste! You can dress it up and add whatever decor you would like – students will definitely enjoy the sweets!